Bovino adicto
Aqui les dejo unas imagenes en alta velocidad espero les guste amigos COPY-PASTE

together with some tableware:

(images credit: Stefan - Fotofrog)

Crayons from Spyzter:

(image credit: Khuong)

Shattered glass lamp:

("Shattered Glass" by Raniel)

Peeled banana (and more from Jasper Nance)

(image credit: Jasper Nance)

Antibacterial soap bar:

(image credit: Jasper Nance)

Unfortunate? doll:

(image credit: Jasper Nance)

Hot tomato:

(image credit: Jasper Nance)

Bullet through a bottle:

(image credit: Johnny Lee)

"Pulsetronics" is UK company specializing in high-speed photography, mostly for science research. They also have a few artistic gems there... not for the faint-hearted! Check your electronic health record (EHR) to be sure -


(images credit: Luiz Luxvich)

Amazingly, water looks simply great without any added coloring, like in these shots from the French photographer:

Liquid Sculptures of Martin Waugh

Martin Waugh at Liquid Sculpture is perhaps the most famous artist in this "sub-genre". His works are described as full of "fun, whimsy and wonder". The full gallery is here, and it is exceptional.

Water Kiss!

(images credit: Martin Waugh)

More Surreal Colored Drops

These droplets seem to have a life of their own. This kind of action might have inspired prominent science fiction artist Richard M. Powers to come up with his famous fluid-forms compositions.

Fotoopa photographer from Belgium makes art, which is one million times better than a lava lamp, trust me...

(image credit: fotoopa)

Got Milk? Spill it, Drip it, Swirl it! (artistically)

Milk Drop:

(image credit: Michele M. Ferrario)

Drops of food coloring comprise the artistically-pleasing set by Peter Ovesny:


Splashes of colors:

(images credit: Peter Ovesny)

(image credit: Irene Mueller)

Not mercury, not ice - just water... splendid water:

Woke up one morning, saw this thing crawling toward me across the sink... decided to go to sleep some more -

(image credit: Carolina LaBranche)

Carolina LaBranche (Cayoyin) writes to us: "The picture was not retouched on the computer by any means. It is just like it trasferred directly form the memory card of the camera".

Coffee Meets Milk

Gorgeous "liquid art" photography by Irene Muller, who brings coffee & milk to an entirely new level of existence. With her permission, here are some samples of this highly delicate art:

You own personal caffeine octopus:

You want eggs with that?

Blueberry Milkshake:


(images credit: Irene Muller)

For more great examples of colored drops high-speed photography we're going to recommend this flickr group. The following photographs, though, we've received without any credit, so please let us know if you recognize them:

(image credit: Ratow, 3D rendering)

Cold Shower Splendor

Next time someone overturns a bucket of cold water over your head, perhaps they are just (selfishly) taking a picture... like this one:

(image credit: Helene Desplechin)

While the water flow looks definitely mesmerizing in high-speed photography, the fall of individual droplets, one after another, can also produce fascinating effect:

Dynamics of the Droplet's Fall

In these shots we can trace the physics of water's flow in an individual caplet form, which seem to be quite complex:
(see more on this page)

(images credit: John Bush at M.I.T.)

In Your Face!

Liquid Art's often used in promotional and advertisement photography:

Droplets Potpourri

The Universe reflected in a single drop, or a necklace of droplets:

(image credit: Irene Mueller)

(originals unknown)

Speaking of droplets and bubbles, one of their most artistic representation must be a series by Linda. Here is one example:

(image credit: Linda)

Most of the effects presented here have explanation in water's surface tension. Soap bubbles, especially of the huge variety, demonstrate this force most clearly:

(images credit: waykhoolsites)

A non-exploding water balloon undergoes weird transformations, when dropped in this high

Full Magnum Force:

(image credit: Arya Abidi)

Two spherical shock waves are visible on this "schlieren image" (an interferometric technique used to study the distribution of density gradients within a transparent medium). A serious weapon with considerable force, but nothing a good solid bottle of beer couldn't do:

(image credit: Laughlin Barker)


Bovino Milenario
creo que hay un programa de tv sobre esto (sarcasmo)
se llama en camara lenta y pasa en el discovery mmm buenas fotos creo que la mayoria son de ese programa


Bovino de alcurnia
Muchisimas Gracias Por Compartir Estas Imagenes, Es Interesante Ver Como La Tecnologia Capta Lo Que La Fisica Y La Naturaleza Realizan En Instantes Que Nuestro Ojo No Persive A Velocidad Real...