Original Title: Gefangene Frauen
AKA: Island Women
Release Date: 1980
Genre: Adenturn | Action
Country: Switzerland
Language: English
Format: MKV
Size: 924MB
Sub: N/A
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079197/
Director: Erwin C. Dietrich
Cast: Karine Gambier | Brigitte Lahaie | Nadine Pascal
Certification: France:-18

Gefangene Frauen Movie Summary:

The simplistic story deals with a group of girls being kidnapped by soldiers, from a whorehouse, of all places. The girls are taken to a mysterious prison located on a beautiful island. Of course this is all an excuse to show a lot of sex and nudity.

But the production values, cinematography, and style make this one stand out among so many films of this kind. First of all, it features a collection of truly gorgeous women, with the most perfect bodies you could ever hope to find in adult film. Brigitte Lahaie, here in her prime, has the most perfect, gorgeous body and face I have ever seen! And she is almost upstaged (but not quite) by the other ravishing prisoners of ?Red Island.? The sets are also impressive; the prison, a white, sun-drenched structure surrounded by blue waters, supposedly shark-infested, to keep the girls from escaping, is quite aesthetically appealing. Another set worth mentioning, is a bath, located in the ?President?s? suite; A large oyster shell, ornate gold and red, that has to be seen to be appreciated. This attention to detail I believe is important, as they lend the film a sense of legitimacy, and dare I say?class.. The uniform of the head female prison ?kommandant?, black leather Gestapo-style, with matching leather cap, should be appealing to S&M fetishists. Even the men are handsome, with healthy, athletic bodies. This is somewhat rare in sex films; usually great care is put into finding attractive actresses, but the men are usually just thrown in, and they mostly are very ordinary, or just plain unattractive. I guess it is the male fantasy thing, where ugly men can possess the most beautiful women. But not here, on the island where most everyone is pleasing to look at. And it is all easy to take as well, as the women are never abused, or truly hurt. They actually seem to be enjoying the whole experience! Aside from a scene early on in the picture, where a young girl is raped by a soldier, there are no other scenes of forced sex. the idea here is that women can enjoy sex as much as men. the girls look forward to the nightly visits from the prison guards, and they give themselves freely. In their situation, they don?t have to act like they hate sex. There is even the perverted ?doctor? who spends much of his time clipping the heads of of nude girls in magazines, when he is not ?examining? the prisoners. But I didn?t find it sexist, for some reason. It was all too silly to be sexist, or offensive. And the men are also on display here. The film plays a bit like a low-rent ?Story of O?, without the strong violence, but with more graphic sex.