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A message from Claire Richards

Hi, I'm Claire Richards from Steps. Last year I looked in the mirror and at 15 stones I didn't recognise myself, it was a far cry from my days in Steps when I was a size 10. Like most women, changes in my life led to me putting weight on and before I knew it I looked like another person in a fat suit, and I knew things had to change. So I made that change!

Thanks to my great new work-out '5 Step Fat Attack' I have lost five stone and am back to looking like me again--now you can do it too! The work-out includes great fat-busting exercises that will have you losing the pounds and having fun with easy to follow routines to your favourite Steps tracks. So make that change today and take the right steps back to looking like yourself again--it's never too late to get back to the woman you were!

Track listing

1. Tragedy
2. Better the Devil You Know
3. Chain Reaction
4. DJ
5. The Last Thing on My Mind
6. Stomp
7. 5678
8. After the Love Has Gone
9. Here and Now
10. Better Best Forgotten
11. Deeper Shade of Blue
12. Only Half a Heart
13. When I Said Goodbye
14. Heartbeat

Chapter information

Engage Your Body Warm Up: A motivating and all round routine that preparese the body for the combat techniques ahead. This includes stretches and simple choreography to get you in the 'zone'.
Fat Assault Aerobics: This section will have you burning away more calories than you thought possible. Improving cardiovascular fitness, you will also experience gains in your coordination, muscle strength, posture, agility and flexibility. The fat will simply not survive.
Combat Manoeurves: An intense yet empowering choreographed workout. A combination of strikes, kicks and punches are taught effectively, enabling you to maximise your workout and ultimately attain the results you want faster. This is high energy stuff and leaves you feeling incredibly motivated.